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The new textbook on "Administrative Procedure " is now available in the bookstores


The new textbook on "Administrative Procedure", authored by Prof. Dr. Kino Lazarov and Prof. Dr. Ivan Todorov is now available to readers in the bookstores. The updated edition examines the regulation of administrative contract introduced in the APC, as well as the recent amendments to the Administrative Violations and Penalties Act, the Law for the Normative Acts and others.

The improved edition includes analysis of the relevant texts from the newly adopted Law on Management of funds from European structural and investment funds, as well as the regulations on a number of other newly adopted laws.

The improved textbook also refers to the most recent case law of the Supreme Administrative Court, the Constitutional Court, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights, making it the most current on the topic. The comprehensively reflected case law places supreme practical value over the textbook. Currently this is the only book which observes the relationship between national, European and global administrative process. The most important proposals for amending the APC are also addressed.

Considering that the publication has been prepared by recognized specialists with extensive experience in the field, this makes it extremely useful handbook for both practitioners and students.

This edition also introduces a further facilitation for its readers. Each copy has an imprinted unique access code to the electronic version of the textbook. By clicking on the relevant normative act and judgment the complete contents of the document opens, thus providing an opportunity to fully study the topic.